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Songood House
The studio is based in the basement of the semi-detached house in centre of Warsaw in a very prestigious area called Saska Kępa ( more info here . This district has always been home for embassies and consulates so it is quiet and safe. It is very well communicated with the centre of Warsaw and the airport.
Entrance to the studio is via separate gate but there is also another staircase inside that connects with the rest of the house.
Small kitchen with tea and coffee making facilities, resting area with comfortable sofa when you can relax, watch TV, videos or play games is the core of the studio from where 4 glass  door lead to 4 different rooms.
1st  to the small vocal booth with  glass window which is looking into the control room. All walls of this room are covered in gold velvet material giving perfect conditions for recording vocal.
2nd door lead to the control room of approx 20 sq meters with SSL Matrix console. Wooden walls and acoustic panels plus very comfy seating area made of soft red velvet material give the room quite relaxed and friendly character.
3rd door lead downstairs to the biggest live room of approx 40 sq meters. Wooden walls, acoustic panels and velvet violet walls give unique character. There is a home cinema system as well with big screen which can be used for other purposes than recording music (focus groups, presenting video materials , making all sorts of presentations, etc). This room is a home of Clavinova piano.
4th door lead to another live room with wooden acoustic panels. This room has also large window overlooking small decked patio and door that lead to the street.
All rooms are multifunctional with flat screen TVs and are designed to provide great sound for tracking.
We have 2 double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms which will allow us to offer additional B&B facilities if required. There is also private garden which can be very much appreciated in the summer time. We also have very high model of 7 seater VW Multivan so we can offer transfer from/to the airport.
More info: Kasia +48 692199210

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